Types of Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity refers to a combination of a sink/ basin and storage shelves and cabinets around it. Having a complete bathroom vanity helps you store all bathroom supplies and items. Additionally, it also gives your bathroom an elegant appearance.

A good bathroom vanity should be durable. It should withstand the wear and tear caused by soap, water, steam, and cosmetics used on a daily basis. Therefore, avoid picking porous and other delicate surfaces if you want a long-lasting vanity.

There are different types of bathroom vanities that you can choose from based on your personal needs and styles. This article provides you with a comprehensive guide to the different kinds of bathroom vanities.

It will be easy for you to choose a modern vanity, traditional vanity, or free-standing vanity after going through this guide. Let us have a closer look at each of the different types and styles of bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Vanity Styles

There is a wide range of bathroom vanity styles that you can select. Here are the most common forms.


Glass bathroom vanities

Glass vanities feature a contemporary design, and they are made of high-quality glass. They also have other materials like steel or wood that give them a stylish look.

Glass bathroom vanities are common in high-end hotels and restaurants because they provide a modern look.

The most common type of glass vanities is the wall mounted. It gives your bathroom an open feel as well as ample storage.

Wood bathroom vanities

These are vanities that can be made using different types of wood. You can choose mahogany, oak, or other different kinds of woods. Depending on the type of wood, the craftsmanship, luxury, and price difference.

For instance, if you choose quality woods like oak and mahogany, then the price is high, but they offer a solid construction. When you are selecting the type of wood, look for one that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Contemporary bathroom vanities

These vanities are available in either double or single sinks, and they can be made from different materials. Compared to other vanities, contemporary vanities have a more modern design and unique styles.

When you think of installing a contemporary bathroom vanity, ensure that the fixtures and other furnishings in your bathroom work well with the design.

Antique bathroom vanities

These are vanities that are inspired by antique styles and designs though they don’t necessarily have to be antique in age. The vanities combine traditional design and excellent wood with a modern design to provide a unique beauty.

Double bathroom vanities

These are bathroom vanities that have two sinks in one vanity. They are common in most master bedrooms. The double sinks are perfect for couples because each person has the opportunity to use his/ her sink.

Double bathroom vanities are available in different designs such as glass, wood, contemporary and antique. You should also know that double bathroom vanities are larger than most, so you need ample space in your bathroom for a double vanity.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

Let’s now have a more in-depth look at the different kinds of bathroom vanities. They include:

Pedestal Sink

This type is also referred to as a free-standing sink. The sink takes less space and gives your bathroom a beautiful look.

You can choose different designs, shapes, and sizes to suit your bathroom. These sinks also go well with varying themes of bathrooms.

Freestanding vanity

It is a vanity with some features of a pedestal sink, but it has a rectangular or square look. It can hold one or two sinks in one spot. You can choose different designs and finishes depending on your liking.

When it comes to materials, wood is commonly used to make these vanities, but you can also find some made of ceramic on the top parts.

Wall mounted vanity

It is a vanity that is mounted on the wall of your bathroom. It doesn’t take up more space, and you don’t need to install it on the floor. You need to take caution when you are installing a wall-mounted vanity.

Too much force can cause the vanity to fall off and cause damage to your bathroom.

Vessel vanity

These vanities are common in fancy hotels and restaurants. It is designed with a rising bowl around the area of the sink. The bowl protrudes out of the main body, and it is linked to a separate tap.

The bottom features storage spots where you can store bathroom items. It is a beautiful vanity, but it takes much a space.

Under-mounted sink vanity

It is another type of vanity with a sink built directly into the vanity to provide a modern look. It is more expensive to set up because an under mount sink requires a solid countertop made of marble or granite.

The vanity is attractive although its under-mounted design prevents it from having more storage space as compared to other types of vanities.

Vanity cabinet

The vanity features a more traditional design as found in conventional kitchen cabinets with pullout doors. The vanities feature an attractive design that gives your bathroom a beautiful look. Because it is not too complicated, it can be an excellent necessary option.

Shelf vanity

It is the most basic vanity among the different types of vanities. It is also very cheap and easy to install. You need a sink and an open shelf under the sink.

The vanity shelf is placed on the floor, and you can use the top surface for different purposes like a workstation, sink, and soap storage.

The bottom of the shelf is open, and you can keep towels and other bathroom essentials. It is great to mount this vanity under or next to the bathroom mirror.

Common Materials Used To Make Bathroom Vanities

At this point, I believe you know the different types and styles of bathroom vanities you can choose. If you are planning to install a bathroom vanity, here are some of the most common materials you can select.

Solid plywood

There are different types of wood that you can consider when you want to get your vanity ready. Solid plywood is a studier wood that is made with several layers of wood joined together with wood glue to come up with a solid body that is powerful.

Compared to other types of wood, solid plywood does a great job of handling moisture.


It is another material that is common in most vanities. Particle board is made with wood particles mixed with glue then undergoes heating and pressing.

To give it a refined style, it is covered with veneer or melamine. It is sturdy but requires to be covered with the materials I have mentioned to prevent the particle board from being damaged by moisture.


Marble is an excellent material that is used to make vanity tops. It provides a fresh and smooth surface that can withstand different conditions. Because stains are easy to notice on marble, you need to clean them frequently.


Laminate works well for vanity tops. It is popular because it provides a beautiful design and has a smooth surface. It is designed with paper sheets that are put together with adhesive to come up with a sturdy body. It is a quality material that can last long without absorbing water.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

What factors should you consider when selecting the best bathroom vanity? To find the right vanity that is easy to install, here are a few things to put in mind.


The bathroom floorplan, as well as the location of the plumbing, are the main factors that will determine where you will locate the vanity.

Once you know the right place, it is essential to consider the measurements regarding width, depth, and length so that you can get the right size.

Number of sinks

The width of the vanity will let know how many sinks it can hold. You can have up to three sinks depending on what you want. If you wish to have more countertop space, then adding a tub will reduce the usable space.

Type of sink

There are different types of sinks that you can choose for your vanity. You can pick under mount, drop-in, vessel, or integrated sink style. In most cases, you will get the sinks included in the vanities.

Mounting option

It is another important consideration you should have in mind when selecting bathroom vanities. You can choose different mounting options like freestanding, wall mount, and corner.

Final Words

Whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom design, there are many bathroom vanity options to choose from.

I have covered different styles and types of bathroom vanities that will suit your individual needs. Bathroom vanities also come in different shapes like square, round, or rectangular.

You can also choose different materials depending on your taste and preference.

After going through this detailed guide, it will be easy for you to pick the right vanity that matches your budget, provides ample storage for bathroom essentials, and gives your bathroom an elegant look.

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