The Best Digital Showers

Digital Shower
Digital Shower

What are the best digital showers on the market? With the advancement in technology, digital showers have gained popularity thanks to their ability to provide multiple settings and advanced displays.

They are turning a standard bathroom into a luxurious place where you can enjoy taking a shower. There are lots of digital showers that you can find out there, making it hard to choose the best.

The Best Digital Showers

Top 7 Digital Showers Reviewed

The products in this review offer the latest features that can transform your bathroom. They are durable and provide value for money.

1. Moen TS3302TB U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller

The system allows for a customized showering session to ensure that you start your day the right way. It comes with lots of unique features, including:

Compatible with Smartphone 

It comes with a smartphone app that you can download from Google Play Store. The app can provide you with better control of your digital shower.

Secure Connection

We all want to take a shower in a safe bathroom, and that is what the U provides. All its connections are secure.

Two-Spray and Four-Spray Outlets 

You can use the four-outlet or the two-outlet based on the shower layout. The outlets connect to hand showers, showerheads, body sprays, and other places.

Simple Design

It is a digital mount system with a 5-inch, non-touch, simple LCD screen. You can use this screen to turn the shower on/off or pause and control the temperature or preset.

2. ELLO&ALLO LED Shower Panel Power System

Ello&Allo Shower Panel is a leading digital shower system that you can use to transform your home. It comes with lots of features, such as:

Universal Setting

The system offers a waterspout, rainfall showerhead, body jets spray, and a multi-functional 3-setting handheld shower. You can use it to transform your bathroom to meet your needs.

Easy to Install

The package includes all the plumbing components you need to install it. You also get a guide video to help you with the installation process.

Hydroelectricity Temperature Display 

It enables you to set the perfect temperature when taking your shower at degrees F. Another thing about this display is it lets you know when it is time for taking a shower.

305 Stainless Steel 

The system comes with a durable material of stainless steel brushed with a black finish to give it durability. You get a rust-free and modern model.

3. YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads

There is no better feeling like using a high-pressure handheld showerhead. That is what you get when you choose this LED temperature display system for kids and pets.

For All People 

The shower is designed to be used by all people of all age groups because you can vary the temperature with ease. It is also the ideal system for pets.

Multiple Water Displays

You can set the system to provide below 90-degree F for Blue light, between 90-108-degree F for the green light, between 108-122-degree F for the red light, and over 122-degree F for flashing red light.

Easy to Install

You receive the mounting brackets, shower hose, and other accessories that you need when installing the system. That means you can install it without seeking professional help.

Durable System

It is made of durable material that can handle the shower conditions and be free of rust.

4. GOWE Digital Shower Control System Shower Mixer Intelligent Shower Control System

The package comes with a head shower, water temp adjusts, handheld shower, and water flows adjustment. It comes ready to install and gives you the perfect bathroom you have always desired.

Patented Intelligent Thermostatic Valve 

The valve is complimented by a personalized shower function and a digital control technology to give you the best shower system. They combine to help you save energy and water.

Automatic Shutdown

It works for 18-minute, and they shut down to save on water and energy. The system also remembers the set temperature.

Easy to Install

One advantage of choosing this system is the ease of installation and maintenance. It is also easy to use and adjust the flow and water temperature.

Special Design 

The cold and hot water inlets come with a unique design that prevents water from flowing back. That means you always get the right water temperature.

5. HOHLER 99693-P-NA DTV+ Digital Shower Interface

It is a digital interface that gives you an easy to read screen and responsive touchscreen. You can add it to your shower system to enjoy the ideal water temperature.

Controls Shower Outlets 

It is a system that helps you to control steam, lighting, chromotherapy, audio output, and other shower outlets. That means you get a multi-function system that is affordable.

For Controlling Valves 

You can use the system to control at most two digital valves to guarantee you different water temperatures. It allows you to mix cold and hot water to meet your desired temperature.

Six User-Definable 

They help you to save your favorite setting to ensure that you take a short time when showering.

Preprogrammed Temperature 

They are for hydrotherapy and temperature to give you a spa-like experience.

6. WaterHawk Smart Shower Head

It is an eco-friendly water conservation system that gives you up to 6-inch of the showerhead.

Real-Time Water Usage 

It is the only system with real-time water usage that shows you how you are using the water. That is possible since it gives you digital data to help you manage the water.

Powered by Hydroelectric Power

You do not need batteries to power this system. It provides you with the freedom to use it without worrying about the energy getting drained.

Illuminated Display

Another notable feature is the illuminated display that occurs due to the water flowing via the WaterHawk. You do not consume more power to light the system.

Color Indicator

It is a unique feature that helps you to know the water temperature.

7. KOJOX 12 Inch Matte Black Shower System with High Pressure Rain Shower Head

The digital display helps you to manage your shower system to use the perfect temperature.

Time-Style and Concise 

There is a button that helps you to change cold or hot water whenever you want. It is easy to operate the system.

Embedded Field Structure 

That gives you a system that you can easily install, change, and maintain. You can do all that without seeking professional help.

Fast Logistics 

The system comes from a reputable brand that ensures you receive your digital shower fast. You can also get help whenever you need it.


It is a system that was developed to provide you with durable services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What Are Digital Showers?

A: It is a shower system that comes with a digital thermostat in the shower unit. The flow and temperature of the water are controlled remotely by a control unit located somewhere in the bathroom.

That unit communicates with the shower through wireless technology or cable.

Q: How Do Digital Showers Work?

A: The water is controlled by the thermostat, which helps to mix the cold and hot water. You can even pre-program your desired temperature.

Final Word

The best digital shower gives you the desired water temperature when taking your bath. There are many models that you can buy in the market today, and we have provided you the top seven products.

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